Sprinkler System Repair & Maintenance

Perry Home Service specializes in the repair, maintenance and installation of Sprinkler systems in Citrus County. We have the experience and equipment needed to quickly diagnose your system and have it back up and running in no time. 

We have been serving the Citrus county area for over 15 years. We have expertise in Residential sprinkler systems, Commercial irrigation, and Golf course water management systems. we offer the most competitive rates, and the absolute best in quality service. Give us a call today to schedule your free estimate.

     From complete new system design & installation, To repairing and maintaining your home's aging system, We have you covered. We offer many services to save you time, money and worry. From a one time service call for repairs, Or custom taylored maintenance programs designed to suit your needs. Our maintenance programs are perfect for Snowbirds and vaction property owners. No need to worry about your Sprinkler system while you're away. We handle everything from checking for leaks and repairing them, to adjusting programs to suit changing needs and county ordinances. Our technicians are also expirienced in Turf Management and Pest control, So we can quickly diagnose many turf and plant problems, and suggest irrigation rates to best address your issues. or alert you to other issues effecting your lawn or plant material.



     Its not always easy, or even possible to give an accurate estimate on what the cost of repairing your sprinkler system will be. Since 90% of your system is in the ground, We must troubleshoot the problem which often involves exposing areas of the system and finding the problem, which takes time and labor. The actual repair often takes less time and effort then finding the malfuntion.
     Perry Home Service charges a $99 service call fee, Which includes the first hour of labor. Parts and materials are additional. Most common sprinkler system issues can be repaired in this time. If it's a more serious issue, or multiple issues We charge $40 each additional hour.

New System Installation

    Choosing the right Irrigation contractor to install your new sprinkler system is a very important desicion. Experience and integrity should be a priority. We strive to give the highest quality system at the lowest cost. We use only top rated products made by companies you can trust such as RainBird and Toro. We also use the latest technology to provide the most efficient and reliable system possible. We custom design your system to meet your property's specific needs, With an emphasis on efficency and future maintenace & expandibility.
    When you call us, we'll schedule you for a free estimate. We'll come out and measure your property via satelite imagery and physical measurement, discuss any special needs or concerns you have, and get a basic idea of whats needed for your project. Within a few days, we'll call or email you with a rough estimate and plan. If you decide to move forward with us from there, We'll create a custom design with a final all inclusive price and have you scheduled for installation within a few days. Your new system can be completed in under a week from your first call to us.
     The average cost for an average 1/4 acre lot, with a 2-3 bedroom house (6-8 zones) is $3,500 and Includes a 3 year warranty And a 1 year Quarterly maintenance program.


Controller Check & Program

Check controller for proper function and schedule. Adjust start times & watering days as needed.

System Trouble Shooting

If your Sprinkler system is malfuntioning, We can quickly diagnose the problem.

Head & Nozzle Repair 

Your Sprinkler system's heads and nozzles take alot of abuse ! they are bound to fail eventually We stock a large selection of heads and nozzles .

Pipe Leaks & Breaks 

Water bill suddenly increase for "no reason" ? You might have a major leak or break in your sprinkler system. We can find it and fix it !

Zone Addition 

Extending your existing system to meet new irrigation needs can seem like a daunting task, But it's a peice of cake for us !               

New System Install 

We can design and install a complete new system for you. We use the latest designing software, and emphisize efficiency and future maintenance considerations in our designs


     When it comes to Sprinkler System repair, maintenance or Installation In Citrus County, We can't be beat !