The Dr. Is in!

    Your sprinkler system is probably one of the most overlooked systems in your home. Because most of its components are hidden under ground, and it usually preforms its job at night while your sound asleep. So when a problem or failure occours, Its usually goes un noticed until sysmptoms start to show. Unfornatley that usually means High water bills, dead palnt material, Landscape washouts, or even damaged driveways, sidewalks and foundations.

    What could be even worse is so many of our residents leave for cooler climates in the summertime when their irrigation systems are needed most. When a failure occurs, It could be many months before they return to find the catostrophic damage. 

    Perry Home service provides the perfect solution. Our $35 Check Up. As a stand alone one time service, Or setup as a Monthly, Bi-Monthly, or Quarterly Service Plan. We can provide you peace of mind when your away for the season, or just want to ensure your system is operating at peak efficency.

   So what's the deal ?

     We visit your home as often as you like and check out your entire system. First we'll ensure all zones are operating. The we do a walk around while each zone is running, checking for broken pipes or leaks. And inspect each head, cleaning and adjusting them as needed. We inspect the turf to make sure their are no weak or dead areas due to lack of coverage, and adjust heads to correct, or reccomend a modification to the system. Then we inspect, clean, and adjust your rain sensor as needed. And Finally we check your controller for proper programming and adjust as needed due to changes in watering restrictions, condition of plants and turf, and change of season. When we're all done, we write up a report of any major repairs or changes we recommend and provide an estimate for them. We go ahead and include most minor repairs while we're out there such as replacing broken nipples or repairing risers. But anything beyond that will require additional charges.

  Available as a stand alone one time service, or can be included with our other recurring services at a discounted rate, to create your own custom service package, such as gutter cleaning, driveway cleaning, etc..