Equipment & Experience 

     All too often a young kid picks up a pressure washer at a garage sale, And decides to open his own business. So he makes up some flyers, and passes them out around the neighborhood, Or takes an add out in the local paper, And before you know it, He's using a powerful peice of equipment on somebody's house and doing irreversable damage to the finish. Dont let this happen to you! insist on references. And ask questions!

  Make no mistake. Pressure washers are powerful, dangerous machines. They are capable of stripping the finish off any surface, Damaging wood, concrete, Vinyl and even metal. Not to mention the injuries they can inflict on the body, that you as the homeowner could be held liable for.

  At Perry Home Service we not only have many years experience in Pressure cleaning, But we pride ourselves in using the most modern equipment and techniques. Over the years we have developed our own procedures, equipment and cleaning solutions to safely and effectivley clean any surface. From concrete driveways, to expensive boats and RVs. And we gaurentee all our work.  

Inspection & Evaluation

   Never let a company just show up, Unload their equipment, and start cleaning.

   Any good cleaning project begins with a thorough inspection and evaluation of the surface to be cleaned. Many finishes, due to age or quality are just not good canidates for pressure cleaning. The bond of the finish to the surface may fail under the intense forces being applied by the pressure washer causing the finish to flake off. And Most warranties are automatically voided if pressure washed.

Cost & Pricing

   Having the right equipment and experience saves you money.

   Most companies will charge by the amount of time they think it take to complete a project. Ofcourse, if they dont have the right equipment, or know how to complete the job quickly and effeciently, then the job will take longer, costing you more money and time. We get it done quick, and right, the first time!