Lawn And Property Maintenance Programs

    Many of our customers have told us they are very dissatisfied with their Lawn Maintenace Company. And I can definately see why. Lawn care in Florida is a very hard business to succeed in. The problem is the competitive nature of the business. Every young kid seems to think they can buy a cheap Residential mower and a trailer, and go out and make thousands of dollars mowing lawns. They soon find out what the going rates are, and start offering a cheaper price than eveyone else in order to get customers. Then the company that WAS mowing that lawn either has to drop their price to keep that account, or lose a customer and income. If they do drop their price, now they have to try and make up that income loss by adding another lawn. and soon the job becomes more about Quantity than Quality. The business has to do as many lawns as possible in a day just to be profitable. And the customer ends up getting inferior "Mow and Blow" service.


    Perry Home Service Will NOT play that game. We give a fair price for excellent service and will never drop our price or degrade our service in order to gain or keep our customer. We only offer Lawn Service to customers who really care about the condition of their property. We dont NEED lawn service accounts to stay in business because we can rely on our other services to survive. We only decided to offer Lawn Care so our customers dont have to have another company on their property, And because we care about our customers and their property. We are able to take our time, and give your lawn the attention it deserves. We are able to properly Mow your lawn, at the height and frequency it needs to stay in its best, healthiest condition. Examine trouble areas and solve the problem, recommend the correct treatment for it's condition. Properly trim and maintain your ornamental shrubs and trees. Create a proper watering program that best suits your turf and ornamentals while staying within the ever changing county watering restrictions, Keep your irrigation system in optimal condition so it can do its job.


    And our service is the absolute best choice for "SnowBirds". While your away for the season, you can count on us to not only maintain your property, but keep a close eye on it and report to you anything we find. When you become a part of our family, you recieve access to your own "Customer Portal".

     Your Monthly invoice will arrive Via E-Mail, with a link that takes you to your own personal account page, where you will have access to your invoice history, Monthly work and inspection reports, and even pictures and videos of the work completed on needing attention of your home. You can also use your Portal to request further services and even schedule work. Its like having another set of eyes on your home while your away.


     As with all of our other services, Lawn Maintenance can be done as a One Time stand alone Job, like a Major cleanup, Or as an automatic reccuring series of visits, weekly, Monthly, Bi-Monthly or annual. You Decide and our scheduling software makes sure we're there when you wanted us there. And you can also add services to each visit, And since we are already there, you save a bundle by not having to pay for separate service calls. For example, one of our most popular package deals that customers often ask for is Weekly Lawn Maintenance, with Quarterly Irrigation system check-ups, And Quarterly Gutter Cleaning. Our scheduling system adds these services to your calender, and automatically creates service dates so we never miss a visit, and you never have to worry about these jobs getting done. And then you can pay through your Client Portal when your invoice comes, Or you can even add a Credit card, debit card, or bank account to your portal for automatic payments. Again, the choice is yours.


     So if your looking for top of the line service, At a fair price, from a reliable company that really cares about the condition of your property. Give us a call to schedule a 100% free inspection and consultation.


Winter Irrigation

Dont let your lawn and plants go thirsty

   It is a common belief in Florida that our lawns and plants go dormant in the colder months. While their growth appears to slow dramatically, they are still very much active. This is the time of year that the plants and turf focus their energy on their root systems. Instead of producing flowers, buds, or new top growth, most of their resources are directed to root growth.

    It's a common practice this time of year to turn off irrigation systems in the belief that the turf has gone dormant. This leads to weakend areas in the turf and obvious sparse growth in the spring. While your plant material does not require as much water as in the hot summer months, It's important that it does recieve a minimum amount during the cold, dry winter months. We reccomend cutting your watering schedule to 1 deep watering cycle once a week. Some systems have a "seasonal adjust" funtion. we dont suggest using this for winter irrigation as it only uniformly reduces watering times. This leads to mutilple "short" watering cylces which are not beneficial for root growth. We suggest just deleting 1 day. This allows the water to penetrate deep into the top layers of soil, and the roots to grow deeper in search of it. 

  It is also important not to over water as a cool wet climate is inducive to certian fungus. Also, keep a close on the weather. Watering right before or during freezing temps can do severe damage to the turf and other plant material. Its a good idea to adjust watering start times to late morning to avoid creating a winter wonderland of your yard.

 Irrigation companies tend to be a little less busy in the winter months, So now is the perfect tie to get your system checked out and overhauled for the coming growing season. Its also a perfect time for additions and repairs to take full advantage of the growing season to cover damage done to turf areas from digging.

New, Online Work Request

We are excited to announce a great new resource for our existing customers!

  ** Update. Now ANYBODY can use our online appointment request. Simply Click "Request Appointment" from the main menu, and fill out the form, If the time you request is available, we'll contact you to confirm, or suggest an available time as close to your request as possible.**

   Now, our existing customers can request work, and schedule an appointment right from their mobile device or home computer! We are always striving to bring the best possible service to our customers. After all, we consider you family! and if you're not happy, we're not happy. So we're always looking for ways to make your expirience with us great. Existing customers can now request work, get a quote, and book an appointment anytime they want.


   Simply login to your account at the top right of any page on our website, Or by clicking the invoice link on any Invoice email youve recieved from us, And click the "work request" button. then use the drop down menu boxes to select the options that you need. We'll then email you a confirmation notice within 24 hours comfirming the date, time, work to be completed, and quoted price. How much easier can it get ? we hope you enjoy this new resourse, and hope to hear from you soon!

Construction Zone


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