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Happy Holidays & Merry Christmas

It's the most wonderful time of the year, when loved ones come from near and far to gather together. But it's also the busiest time of year for many of us as we prepare our homes to welcome our holiday guests, And Perry Home Service is here to help. Let us worry about making the outside of your home as beautiful as can be. Let your house and it's holiday decorations stand out by Bringing that dirty roof back to life, An exterior SoftWash will brighten your house and and provide a beautiful backdrop for all those twinkling lights, And lets not forget that Driveway while we're at it!  And your guest from up north will want to enjoy our beautiful weather next to the pool, so lets get that deck cleaned, and those screens shampooed.

Give us a call Today, And we'll put together a special Holiday package deal to fit your needs


Roof cleaning

soft wash roof cleaning

A dirty roof is not only an eyesore, but the fungus causing the discoloration is also damaging it. Our "SoftWash" process removes the fungus and stains, Leaving your roof looking brand new!

Sprinkler Systems

sprinkler install and repair

From a complete new system install, To maintaining an old existing system.. We are the best ! Our advanced diagnostic and locating tools, combined with years of experience, set us above the rest

Pressure Washing

Pressure Washing

We have the professional equipment and expertise to safely clean any project you can throw at us! From filthy black driveways, to pool decks and patios, We can bring them back to life.

This Months Featured Special

$499 Whole House Soft Wash.*


Winter is here, And the Holidays are approaching fast. Nows the time to get your home in shape for the family and friends that will be visiting.

Our "whole house special" is the perfect solution. We will clean your roof, gutters, facia and soffets using our low pressure Soft Wash process. Then continues on all exterior walls, and finish up by pressure washing your driveway and sidewalk. You can also choose to add your Pool/Patio deck, and Screen Shampoo for as little as $50 for the deck and $75 for the screen (estimate required)

*limitations apply. see $499 whole house special page for details

CheckUp Special


Your Irrigation system is one of the most important,yet often overlooked system on your property. Often we don't realize there is an issue untill we start seeing dead palnt material or higher water bills. But you can avoid these costly problems with our exclusive $35 CheckUp Service. 



Drive Way Special


A dirty driveway is not only an eyesore that distracts from the beauty of your home, But the Algea and fungus growing on it can become slippery and dangerous when wet. Our $75 Driveway Special can make most driveways (*up to 2000 sq ft) Look as good as the day they were installed.


Brick & Paver Sealing


We understand the difficulty of keeping your brick and paver walkways and decks looking good. The humid Florida climate is the perfect breeding ground for Fungus,Algea and Mold. Let us clean them for you, then lock in thier beauty with our sealing process. Wetlook & Natural finish available


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