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Welcome to The Perry Home Service Forums.

31 Mar 2018
Got questions ? Need Advice ? You've come to the right place !! Feel free to ask for advise or Info on any of the services we offer. Even you don't want to hire us to help with your home maintenance needs, we want you to be successful and proud of your projects. We'll do our best to give you all the you need, and if we can't answer for some reason, maybe one of our members will.

Here at Perry Home Service, we believe in helping our neighbors. Many times when I'm at a store and see somebody buying that $30 bottle of "house wash" or $10 bottle of "outdoor bleach" I'll approach them, and give them free advice. and save them some money and frustration. There is no secret to the services we provide, We just have the Equipment, Knowledge and Experience to do it better than then average homeowner. And we're happy to help out those DIY diehards by sharing our knowledge.
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